• Helmet laws in BC require helmet use. Be sure to wear your helmet.

  • Bike-a-thon volunteers will be stationed throughout the route and will provide emergency back-up support should you need it.

  • There are rest stops approximately every 10 km along the ride, with complimentary refreshments at each stop.

Rules of the road

As a cyclist, you must share the road with others (e.g., cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.).



  • must obey all traffic laws

  • have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers

  • cannot carry passengers if your bicycle is only meant for one person


Riding on the right

You must stay as close to the right edge of the road whenever possible, especially if you're slower than other traffic.

Types of Helmets

The best helmets...

  • are made to meet strict safety standards

  • fit properly when worn correctly

Bike Safety Rules